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The Girl He Used To Know (2019)

 Author: About the Author Tracey Garvis Graves  Category: Novels  Publisher: Orion Publishing Group, 2019  ISBN: 9781250200365  Pages: 257  Download

The Girl He Used To Know is a story about a couple who broke up yet never stopped loving each other. In a duel timeline/duel narrative, we follow Annika and Johnathon as they rekindle their spark in 2001 while still dealing with the decisions that led to their break-up. The author takes the reader on a journey of mystery, not telling you why they broke up until near the end of the book. Some may hate that, but it kept me reading. This is the first book in awhile that I stayed up until stupid ‘o clock to finish in one sitting. I was intrigued and thoroughly emotionally destroyed.